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Promotes Natural Healing

A novel approach to wound care, DERMAfas® is a patented amino-acid vitamin complex product line and includes a Wound Cream, Wound Spray, and Medicated Shampoo. These products are unique in their individual and collective approach to wound and skin care.
In consideration of treatment; there are six basic types of wounds:
      • Abrasions: superficial scrapes or friction burns that may scab as they heal.
      • Contusions: bruises and swellings that have no external drainage.
      • Incisions: cuts which have clean edges and often heal with little scarring.
      • Lacerations: cuts with jagged tears and uneven edges.
      • Punctures: wounds that are deeper than they are wide.
      • Burns: may be caused by friction, heat, cold (frostbite), chemicals and or electric shock.
Based on a wounds individual characteristic, location and severity, DERMAfas® offers the best solution!